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Mayhigh Films

About Us

Ever since technology bestowed upon us the power to capture a moment in its visual absoluteness, our mediums of storytelling changed forever. Not only were we able to show what our eyes witness, but we could also visually communicate what our minds dreamt about. Taking a cue from this ideology to visually communicate your ideas, we, at Mayhigh Films, render the ability to make your imagination palpable and bring your ideas to life.


Currently, led by Mr L.D. Sharma, Mayhigh Films was established in 1965 when the film making industry was in its golden age. What initially started as a local photography and videography studio, Mayhigh entered the video production domain in the 90s. Since then, the company has grown leaps and bounds, continually improving and establishing new milestones in video production. We cater to all your videography requirements like television commercials, corporate shoots, digital content, social media campaigns, and docu-style marketing.


Not only this, but we are now a complete advertising and PR agency. We specialise in advertising, communication, PR, brand management, digital marketing, media buying and releasing services, thereby, executing fully integrated marketing campaigns that build brands.


No matter how big the challenge is, we confront it head-on and produce a work of art that justifies our client’s imagination. 


Public Relations

Getting your messaging across

We are an end-to-end brand solutions agency delivering clear brand ideas that are brought to life across mediums. We understand our client's needs and craft communication strategies that appeal to today's audience. We believe in out of the box ideas, fresh and crazy perspectives that resonate with a brand's communication.

With our recent initiative to publish native content on premium digital news portals for clients so they can constantly bombard their audience with regular feeds and be trending on Google at all times has been well received by brands. A few examples are Galgotias University, Yatharth Hospital, World Laparoscopy hospital, and the likes.



Growing Steadily, Reaching new heights

The company has grown exponentially since inception and has spread its wings to varied services in the advertising media domain.

With multiple lucrative partnerships with premium brands, we are proud to say that we have happy and repeat customers

  • 40+ satisfied customers
  • 50+years of experience
  • 100+Partner TV channels
  • 200+ projects completed


We do not doubt that the coming years will just be as exciting with exemplary growth!!!


Great Impact

  • An adeptly thought-out advertising plan is devised to create a lasting psychological impact on the target audience.
  • Consultation on careful selection of right media mix to achieve maximum ROI.
  • Understanding client’s needs and delivering to their expectations


Enhanced Results

  • Creative and powerful advertising that is memorable, long lasting, requires fewer media spends as they are shared organically and converting into desired sales.
  • Thorough competition analysis to produce high-performance ads and marketing plan
  • Consulting clients at every stage to make changes if required


Improved Response

  • ROI Monitoring using the right analytical and tracking tools to measure the impact of the ongoing campaign
  • Making adjustments if any in the next campaign
  • Including call-to-action to increase sales and gauge the response

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